Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Misamis Occidental Province (Mindanao Island) 1942 Guerilla Money

This is my first post with regards to Guerilla Money in the Philippines. This notes were created, opposing the currency issued by the Japanese occupation. These were done secretly and basically provinces here in the Philippines got different types of currency having a distinct style and designs and as well as their denominations. As much as possible, I'll be presenting this notes by group as to serve as a guide for those who wanted start such collection.

Misamis Occidental can be found in the west center part of Mindanao. These particular notes are generally scarce and what I have now is still in good condition, although some got little holes and folds due to circulation.

Here is the order from lowest to highest denomination.

10 Centavos:

This is an interesting piece of money since the back printing of this note is printed in inverted position( scanned it in an upright position). Perhaps this is similar in a way of how Philippine coins were made during the American Period. This is just my opinion and perhaps other explanation could be made as to why it was done that way.

20 Centavos:

50 Centavos:

This is a 50 centavos note with check writer value at back, although not clearly seen cause it is quite faded in that part. It should be seen in between the words FIFTY CENTAVOS and PHILIPPINE NATIONAL BANK EMERGENCY CIRCULATING NOTE.

There are also two other variety of 50 centavos that I haven't got yet. One is having an orange print instead of black (as above) with three hand written signatures in the front and same orange print in the back. The other one got the same print as above and the difference is in the back, wherein there is no check writer value, instead it has two handwritten signatures.

2 Pesos:

The back can be seen with the checkwriter value(the one in purple like ink), although it is still faded. It can be seen in between the coat of arms and the word TWO PESOS.

5 Pesos:

This piece got a handwritten signature at the back, and still hardly noticeable in the center of the coat of arms.

As of now, the one missing on this group is the 1 peso. It also got an inverted print at the back. The same manner as the 10 centavos. Hope to have that missing piece too.


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